She Writes ➳

“A Seussian sort of love poem”
Love bites…
It stings, it lingers. Love is deep, love is shallow. Love can be the red roses on cotton sheets or shower sex in a dirty hotel.
Love can be sultry whispers in the ear or vicious screams in the middle of the night.
Love can be hand-holding-foot playing-nervous laughter-awkward hugs and silly banter.
Love can be an adventure down the grand canyon or a skinny dip in the ocean, love can be discovering the story behind a scar or sharing a secret.
Love can be curvy, sweet, lean and tight. Love can be strong, heavy, bold and bare. Love may be the light in the morning, casting shadows on a bed of messy sheets, love may be a busted blow up mattress, love may be a warm cappuccino, love may be drool from the dog on your toes at 6 am.
Love conjures. Love stirs. Love sits, love settles. Love hooks, love is found, love is lost. Love is bitter like vinegar, love is mouth watering like skittles.
Love is the feeling of falling and not sure if you will land to safety or be caught by the one and only.
Love may be your favorite jeans torn in the heat of the moment, love may be forgiveness.
Love may be forgetting. Love may be remembrance. Love is how you say it. Love is how you live it. Love is what you make it.
Love is atop the highest peak and in the deepest depths of the blue, love lies between sidewalk cracks and soft eyelids. Love is brutal, love is gentle.
It is bigger than we think and more powerful than we want. It is attainable, beautiful and found in places you  may least expect.
It is daring, it is fear, it is here and it is there.
Believe in your truth, you know when it’s real.
Love cant be taught, tamed or ever really understood. It is the battle of all battles, but the reward is worth the bloody fight. Broken bones and blistered toes, swollen hearts and salt stained cheeks. Love is gold and love is bold.
Let it hit you like a wall of bricks, let it melt you like candle sticks.
Love can be that voice of reason or that lull of temptation. Love is found under dusty books and dirty dishes, backwards hats and steel toed boots.
Love is adoration, stimulation, proclamation and dedication.
Love is understated, love is quaint like a porcelain puppet. love is raunchy in a night-club bathroom-stall knees-on-the-gritty-tile kind of way.
Love is brand new shoes on a sunny day or barefoot in the rain.
Love could be your smile upside down on a swing in the wind, or her lower back dimples, or their hands in the air high on that new age dust falling from the sky of a million nightmares.
Love burns, runs, creeps into spaces unwanted and begs you for answers where lust is already planted.
Love is a quick fix. Love is a hard hit. Love is what you want and what I got.
Love bites are the scars we hide with all our might.

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