• weight loss tea and powdered sugar donuts •

Fingers slicked white. Donut holes down the hole. Chase it with some hot green tea implying weight loss but catering to the lazy, instant gratification seeking goons. Piles of sugar atop my tongue, liquified by the herbal detoxifying river sweeping behind my teeth.


This is gluttony at its finest.

The bingeing characteristics of a true indulgent lover of the satiable sweet. Sugar hits cravings in the face with a “Sit Down!”

All those cravings that inch their way across my skin, across my brain, now covered by sticky fingers and laced with hot tea. The moment she falls for the snickers she loses her dignity, her sanity. Sweet dreams cherry pie.

Little miss muppet sinks her fangs into dove bars, licks glucose from daydreams and coats her fears in a slick layer of sucrose. Belligerent and wasted on instant fixes and quick hits of the shit you get over gas station counters. There is no more room for sex and love and passion and heat, no space for the real kind of long term devotion. She’s off her rocker, hyped on rock candy, lit up on pop rocks. I am binging on life’s sweetness, the synthetic kind of pleasures. The ones that leave you hungover with too much recollect of an evening spent drooling over donuts and pink licorice. Battle wounds of ulcers and blue tongues. Stained lips and sugar in my nail beds. Back down baby, this windup doll is only getting started…


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