Sacred Spaces ✨

What corners and spaces in your house, apartment, dorm, bedroom, studio, patio are important to you?

 What does your space say about you? How do they make you feel? What emotions and motivations do they trigger?

Now, what do you want to change or re-create? What is by your bedside table? Kitchen counters? Desk? Corners of your closet? Doorways? Shower?

Creating a sacred space can be an especially empowering and grounding part of your life, it has been for me. It started with a few crystals and a candle, then my traveling Aunt left a gorgeous Persian dish behind while passing through my home and I brought more stones and gems into this space. Now my sacred space is centered around a painting of Ginesha and a handmade dreamcatcher drapes above it. More candles, Oracle cards, polished stones from family and friends and incense in a hand painted box are placed in my space. It has become a small area in my home that I can come to first thing in the morning to bless the day, after a sweaty run to find my calm, and during a full moon to read my oracle cards and spend some time reflecting deeply.

I believe organization is important to this process of creating a sacred space meaning you should carefully and mindfully place your items in a cohesive manner to receive the highest vibrations from your altar.  Invite your favorite and most sentimental items into your space which allows for full and positive vibes.  It takes some time to collect and gather these powerful tools of guidance and sometimes they come into your space all on their own. Feathers, crystals, flowers, incense, sage, wood, geodes, buddhas, crosses, rocks, skulls, antlers, artwork, fabrics, tarot cards…these items are unique to you which makes this sacred space so, so special. The thoughtfulness put into this area will reflect your desires, emotional fluidity and even your frailty. It is often a soft space that must be treated as such. The power tools you may add to give your altar a solid platform for strength may be anything from a letter to a cactus. These will ground your altar.  There are also delicate items such as feathers and light fabrics, they can be the most powerful deadening on what they signify for you. I believe the most influential items are ones that speak to you, that have an undeniable energy when you hold them in your palms and they call your name as you dance around your space.  The reason you may come into this curated sacred space is different for all of us but there is usually a common thread of the desire to seek peace and presence in our ever-changing lives.

For those of you who already have a sacred space or altar, remember it is necessary to detox your space much like you would your digestive system. It feels SO good afterwards and even though its really tough to say goodbye to some things and it is undeniably time consuming I promise the lightness and replensihed environment you will have discovered is worth every moment and every tossed tchotchke.  There is always room for growth, we are never done with our selves, we are constant works of art, rough drafts and much like developing film in a dark room there are more ways than one to get to a beautiful end result…so enjoy finding, searching, developing, growing, transcending and guiding yourself to the happiest most influential place you can reach.

“To live a C R E A T I V E life. We must lose our fear of being W R O N G” -Joseph Chilton Pearce
These are some beautiful altars I stumbled across…each unique and delicately curated from their creators guided spirit…
Processed with VSCOcam with e8 preset









I hope you have found some inspiration to craft a sacred space in your own home…enjoy the process and create with purpose!


One thought on “Sacred Spaces ✨

  1. Lovely piece, Liv. I am sending you soon a crystal from the quartz mines in Rhodes, ZA, a hand-woven Assamez cloth, and a beautiful picture of Shiva from the Shakti tantric temple in Guwahati to add to your beautiful collection. Love.

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