▼ In Between ▲

Buried under a midnight sky, a canopy of lace hung from eye to eye.


Sipping stars out of her own naked hands

She calms herself with resilience to the cold,

pricked by night terrors and laden with curiosity.


The midnight chills wake her again,

And so she finds herself,

Buried under space.


She flips her face over to gaze at the earth in a new way.

Reversed and free falling, what if she lets go?

The horizon stretches west into the deep Pacific,

white caps dipping in and out of view.

The desire to fall grows heavy with each breath,

the willingness to escape comes much too easy.


Footprints below trace compassion and respect,

For the earth and of her past.


Moment to moment, breath to breath.


Heels burn into the ground, rooting her between the physical and the spiritual.

Her mind is taken to a planet unknown,

not yet discovered, it may even exist in another dimension.


Her vision tipsy with intrigue, lips suck in air, while a mouth sings freedom.

She once again finds herself searching for clarity between two moons,

Sleep is at bay, nerves electric with synergy, adapting to what could be, what is and what has been.


Mindful awakening is what some may call it,

She calls it artistry, true communication with the mother earth and the quiet gods.


She closes her palms and milky white galaxies seep through fingers…

She falters between consciousness and bewilderment.


The lights fall out of place and once again she finds herself

Buried under space.

 IMG_0901 - Version 2



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