M E T A morphosis ⚜

He chases the sun which leads to her ribcage…fragmented beams hug tightly to her outstretched torso
She is reaching for the clouds, he is reaching for her
Ripped levi’s and knit sweaters barely show her curves, but he knows them like the backs of his hands and understands them with the strum of his thumbs
A small slice of shadow hides her eyes and tension builds in her stomach as she stretches further towards the skylights…Pulling her limbs away, she resembles a chrysalis…once concealed but she begins to understand her potential, thus transformation unfolds
Shedding parts of daylight and moonlight and memories and enemies…the cracking of youth splits from her spine, she flicks skin from her fingers and the breakage of her shell reminds him why he stayed
Strength appears in many forms.
Her transformation is the definition of her fears…her blossoming belly and sand stained skin blushes in the midst of her lean angled limbs.
Wrist to ankle, lids to lips, there is an undeniable awakening that is happening before his eyes
Can she see me?
The mountains hide the sun and her wings stay buried…splintered skin expose honest plans, her mind is made up but her body must follow
She is not quite ready.
He dips in to her torso…lips on ribs
Tight rippled skin shows bones like damp translucent paper, the watercolors of their lust pour through the night
Light becomes absent, they are birds seeking sight.
ribsArtist of Image Unknown


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